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Torbay SEO Services

TorbaySEO Services

Fixed Price SEO Packages in Torbay

Our fixed price SEO packages are exactly that. Fixed price - no hidden costs, no extras (unless you request them) and no annual contracts. You just buy the SEO services you need for your business and then pay for them on a monthly basis. You can cancel at any time with no obligation.

Some SEO stats for you:

Don't waste your money on SEO tactics that don't work!

of users scroll past the paid ads on search engines
of users don't click past page 1 on search engines
of users won't make a purchase from an unsecured website

Can your business be found on the search engines?

Search beats social media by more than 300% as a traffic source

With a massive 97% of people using the internet to find out more about a local business in 2017, it has never been more important that your business can be found on the internet. That's where SEO comes in. We can help you achieve your best possible rankings in the search engines, to allow your customers to find you for your chosen keywords.

So where do you start? Scroll down to find out...

start here
Start Here


We will carry out a full search engine analysis to find out how you rank currently on Google.


Identify Issues

We will carry out a full audit of your website to find any SEO issues so that they can be fixed wherever possible, including; duplicate content, missing/duplicate meta tags, keyword stuffing, harmful backlinks, sitemaps, robots.txt and technical issues.


Competitor Analysis

We will carry out an audit of your competitors in your industry for SEO, rankings and paid adverts (PPC).


Discuss Your Requirements

We offer a FREE telephone consultation to initially discuss your requirements and to let you know how we can help you to improve your business online.


Keyword Research

We will carry out regular keyword research to ensure that your chosen keywords are still relevant and include any new keywords you require up to the limit included in your package.


SEO Work

Packages include a set number of hours per month where we will work to optimise your online business including on-site and off-site SEO.


Weekly / Monthly Audits

As part of your fixed price SEO package, we will carry out weekly or monthly audits of your website and rankings.


Catch Up

Each month our silver and gold SEO packages include an SEO consultation in person or by phone so that you stay informed of your progress. Our starter package includes emailed reports.


Social Media

Our silver package includes an analysis of your social media and tips to improve your presence online with quality posts and content.


Social Media Management

If you opt for our gold package, it includes social media management where we will create SEO friendly posts and content on your chosen social media platforms.


Content Writing

Our silver and gold package includes content writing for your chosen industry, including blog posts and articles which can be shared on social media.



We do all the work ourselves and we do not outsource abroad. There is no annual contract and no hidden fees. Just pay monthly for what you need. You can also downgrade or upgrade your package each month.

increase SEO rankings

Test Your Website

You can test how well your website is performing with a basic SEO Audit, just type in your website address below to recieve your free report:

Our Pricing

Take a look at our great value for money fixed price SEO packages below. If you don't see a package which meets your requirements, please contact us and we can tailor-make a package to suit your business.


£ASK Per Month
  • Monthly SEO Audit
  • Monthly Ranking Report
  • Monthly Keyword Research
  • Monthly Competitor Report
  • Focus on 10 Keywords
  • 4 Hours SEO


£ASK Per Month
  • Weekly SEO Audit
  • Weekly Ranking Report
  • Weekly Keyword Research
  • Monthly Competitor Report
  • Monthly Backlink Audit
  • Focus on 50 Keywords
  • 15 Hours SEO
  • 2 Hours SEO Consultation
  • 2 x Article Content Writing
  • 10 Hours Social Media Management
  • YouTube Analysis & SEO
  • Google MyBusiness / Analytics Assistance


£ASK Per Month
  • Monthly SEO Audit
  • Monthly Ranking Report
  • Monthly Competitor Report
  • Monthly Keyword Research
  • Monthly Backlink Audit
  • Focus on 25 Keywords
  • 10 Hours SEO
  • 1 Hour SEO Consultation
  • 1 x Article Content Writing
  • Social Media Analysis

About Our Packages

Please ensure that you have read our terms and conditions before purchasing an SEO package. We will send you full details of your chosen package by email so that you can see exactly what it includes.

Please note: If you require an SSL certificate (HTTPS) for your website, this is charged as an extra cost and is not included in your package.